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[Jewel Pivot]
Jewel pivot and jewel penpoint are applied to various auto memorizing apparatus and also can be used as cutting injection head in high-pressure machine process. Jewel contactor is mainly used for measuring tip and isolation contactor of various high precision instruments.



Outside Diameter: 0.50 ~ 2.00mm, Max Deviation of Outside Diameter: ±0.01
Inside Diameter: >0.10mm, Max Deviation of Inside Diameter:±0.01
Length:1.00 ~ 2.50 mm, Max Deviation of Length:±0.02
Outside Taper:45° ~ 90°,     Max Deviation of Outside Taper:±0.05°
Technical Index:
Material: α-Al2O3≥99.99% (synthetic sapphire/ruby)
No bubble or impurity in material
Customized. Produce according to specific requirements and drawings, and also can design products for customers.
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