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[Single-cup Convex Olive Holed Jewel Bearing]

End-face bearing includes two sorts: the flat end-face bearing and the convex end-face bearing. The jewel end-face bearings made of synthetic sapphire and ruby are widely used for end-face supporting in different high precision instruments, watermeters, flowmeters and many other kinds of apparatus.

Main Types:
Flat End-face Jewel Bearing
Convex End-face Jewel Bearing

Technical Index:

Outside Diameter: Ф1.20 ~ Ф8.00mm, Max Deviation of Outside Diameter: h7 ~ h9
Height: 0.50 ~ 5.00mm, Max Deviation of Height: h7 ~ h9
Height of Convex Part: 0.10 ~ 0.75mm, Max Deviation of Outside Diameter: +/-0.05
Curvature Radius SR: 4.80 ~ 41.50mm, Max Deviation of Outside Diameter: +/-0.10
Surface Roughness Rz: see drawing indication


Customized. Produce according to specific requirements and drawings, and also can design products for customers.


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