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Cup jewels contain four types: spherical bearing, conical bearings, double cups on one surface bearing, and single cup on double surfaces bearing. These cup jewels are mainly used for movement system in electronic meter, hot water meter, liquid measuring instrument, single-phase KHW meter, triphase KHW meter, aviation and navigation instruments, weather apparatus and many other kinds of instruments and apparatus.


Outside Diameter: Ф0.80~Ф10.00mm, Max Deviation of Outside Diameter: h7~h9
Height: 0.60 ~ 5.00mm, Max Feviation of Height: ±0.01
Cup Depth: 0.20 ~ 0.80mm, Max Deviation of Cup Depth: 0 ~ 0.06
Curvature Radius SR: 0.60 ~ 5.00mm, Max Deviation of Curvature Radius: ±0.03
Depth of Tapered Cup: 0.20 ~ 0.60mm, Max Deviation of Depth of Tapered Cup: +/-0.02~+/-0.05
Taper: 60°~ 120°, Max Deviation of Taper: ±5°
Curvature Radius of Bottom of Tapered Cup SR: 0.15 ~ 25, Max Deviation of Curvature Radius of Bottom of Tapered Cup SR: +/-0.05

Technical Index:
Material: Synthetic sapphire/ruby single crystal α-Al2O3, natural agate, crystallite glass and ceramic, etc.

Customized. Produce according to specific requirements and drawings, and also can design products for customers.


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