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[Jewel Assembly]

Jewel assembly is made up of inside and outside metal housing and jewel part. The inside metal housing is generally made of brass H59 and H62, and the outside metal housing is generally made of brass, stainless steel 303 and duralumin LY12, etc, and the jewel part is generally made of synthetic sapphire and ruby. There are many sorts of sapphire and ruby part, mainly including cup jewel, flat-end surface bearing, flat surface straight holed bearing, flat surface olive holed ring, single cup straight holed ring, single cup olive holed ring, double cups straight holed ring, double cups olive holed ring, hyperboloid straight holed ring, hyperboloid olive holed ring.

The main application part of jewel assembly is the jewel part which is quite wearable. The friction coefficient between jewel part and stainless steel part is 0.14. As its friction resistance is small, and its sensitivity is high, the jewel assemblies are intensively used as movable and supporting parts on accurate measuring instrument and military apparatus.


Metal Housing
Metal Part
Jewel Part
Jewel Assembly A
Jewel Assembly B


Outside Brass Housing
Jewel Part
Metal Part
Jewel Assembly C
Jewel Assembly D


Inside Metal Housing

Jewel Part

Outside Metal Housing

Jewel Assembly E

Jewel Assembly F



Jewel Part
Brass Housing
Diameter after Pressing
Jewel Assembly G
Jewel Assembly H



Metal Housing
H62 Brass Part
Jewel Part
Metal Part
Jewel Assembly I
Jewel Assembly J


Jewel Part
Metal Part
Jewel Assembly K
Jewel Assembly L

Jewel Assembly M 
Technical Index 
Material: Synthetic sapphire/ruby single crystal α-Al2O3
Housing Material: Brass, red copper, duralumin and stainless steel, etc
Customized. Produce according to specific requirements and drawings, and also can design products for customers.

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