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[Jewel Ball]

Jewel balls are made of synthetic sapphire/ruby. They are largely used in heavily corrosive environment and optical fiber communication because of its anticorrosion, wearable and fine transmission characteristics. Jewel blind holed balls are used as insulated measuring probe in high precision instruments.



Diameter: Φ0.80 ~ Φ12.00mm(Sapphire), Max Deviation of Diameter: ±0.00127
Φ0.60 ~ Φ8.00mm (Ruby), Max Deviation of Diameter: ±0.00127

Technical Index:

Material: Synthetic Sapphire/Ruby (α-Al2O3)≥99.99%

Diameter Tolerance: 0.00125mm

Surface Roughness: Rz0.1

Roundness: Grade 5(0.000127)

Surface Quality: S/D 40/20

Process from synthetic sapphire, ruby, crude agate, spinelle, carborundum, cemented carbides, and ceramic


Customized. Produce according to specific requirements and drawings, and also can design products for customers.

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