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Chongqing ZhaoHong Technology Co., Ltd. the lead power of industrial sapphire manufacturing

Chongqing ZhaoHong Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading power of industrial sapphire manufacturing in Asia. It specializes in high precision manufacture of super-hard materials, such as synthetic sapphire & ruby, ceramic, and industrial glass. The production is strictly controlled by ISO9001:2008 system.

ZhaoHong Tech dedicates itself in sapphire and ruby bearings which are widely used in water meters, flowmeters, air and gas analyzers and monitors, medical OEM business, detectors and pressure cells, photodiodes and bar code readers. We are capable of manufacturing multifold optical components of high precision, like windows, prisms and rods in sapphire, ruby and many glass materials, such as BK7, F5 and B270 series.

ZhaoHong Tech is authorized of independent right of Import & export and provides high precision jewel components for various industrial markets worldwide.

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